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Bristol Business Park

Thu, 05/11/09 - 12:10 - admin

United States
51° 30' 10.7928" N, 51° 30' 10.7928" E


Field Notes

Bristol business Park is a small suburban industrial site very close to the University of the West of England Campus, Bristol. A good illustration of the relationship between the industrial and military complex in the UK, the site contains a number of small and light industrial units that are home to techno-scientific research and development companies or contractors with responsibilities for undertaking defence and intelligence activities. You will notice, as we did, that one such building, Argentum House, home to Raytheon who amongst other things develop radar for F-16 bombers, plus missiles and bunker-busting bombs, has been attacked as part of a demonstration and its roof has been adorned with graffiti and messages. Clearly no attempt has been made to clean or remove the material, whether it is criminal evidence or for other reason remains unclear.