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Pfizer Research Europe

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United States
51° 17' 21.0876" N, 51° 17' 21.0876" E



Field Notes

Pfizer Research at Sandwich. This 390–acre site has 2.2 million–square–feet of facility space–the largest pharmaceutical research center outside the U.S. affiliated with a U.S. company. More than 2,700 scientists and 900 manufacturing staff are based here. Functions listed include; Discovery, Drug Metabolism, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Development, Animal Health and Drug Safety Evaluation. Therapeutic Areas: Allergy & Respiratory, Infectious Diseases (Antivirals), Genitourinary, Gastrointestinal & Hepatology, Pain. Key Technologies: Discovery High Throughout Screening, Inhalation, Device Development, ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity) Screening, Safety Pharmacology

This is the site at which Viagra was discovered. As an employee relayed to one of our researchers long before this project was undertaken, the drug was developed for angina, and after being tested in small scale trials ( apparently in a local old peoples home, although this story is disputed in other sources) and a hospital in Swansea, the side-effects were happily noted by respondents. One happy home!! Visitors to the site may take a view from Richborough Roman Fort run by English Heritage, as this provides the best views over this absolutely enormous research facility, which in effect seems much large than the nearest town of Sandwich. Pfizer has worked on its local image and seeks to embed itself within the local community by supporting various local environmental projects, as well as providing employment. Access to the actual Pfizer site is controlled as with other commercial research facilities.