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Tue, 10/03/09 - 16:26 - researcher

United Kingdom
50° 55' 35.832" N, 50° 55' 35.832" E


    Field Notes

    ROC - FORDINGBRIDGEPost Name ROC-r OS Grid Reference SU16731415 County Hampshire Date opened January 1962 Date closed September 1991 Location In a triangular compound across the corner of a field at the junction of B3078 and Blissford Road (overgrown gate in Hedgerow in Blissford Road). Description SEALED All surface features remain intact with the light green paint in good condition. A dome and aerial mounting on the ventilation shaft indicates that this was a master post. When inspected the hatch is corroded and has come away from the top of the shaft and won't close properly, a steel bar has now been welded across it. Internally much remains including the cupboard, a square table with a long shelf containing two drawers alongside and a longer shelf above. All the furniture is painted green. Other surviving artefacts include mountings for FSM and BPI. BPI baffle plates, papers (including log sheets and pages from ROC training manual), two battery boxes, battery switching unit, copper earthing straps along two walls, first aid poster, notices, box of photographic paper for GZI, broom, tool rack, wiring and a home made circular plate, 18" in diameter, with compass bearing marked on it - probably for the aircraft instrument. Remaining Surface Structures None Date of Visit 9.10.1999 To here - From here