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ROC Worth Matravers

Sat, 14/11/09 - 12:29 - admin

United Kingdom
50° 36' 18.0648" N, 50° 36' 18.0648" E


Field Notes

An example of one of 1563 Royal Observer Corps (ROC) underground monitoring posts built throughout Great Britain & Northern Ireland during the cold war. Although the primary role of ROC was initially recognition and identification of hostile aircraft, with the start of the cold war the ROC was given added responsibility - reporting nuclear bursts and monitoring fall-out. This is a well preserved site.

Most ROC Observation Posts are either decrepit, destroyed or flooded, and very few survive in a good state. Access should be obtained by the owners if interested. Exploration of subterranean space is a very specific form of exploration, and we recommend you contact Subterranea Brittanica for further information as they have catalogued the entire network in a website dedicated to the archaelogy and topology of these micro spaces of fear.