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ROF Burghfield

Thu, 05/11/09 - 16:28 - admin

United Kingdom
51° 24' 13.6584" N, 51° 24' 13.6584" E



Field Notes

ROF Burghfield

Royal Ordnance Factory (ROF) Burghfield, assembly location for British nuclear weapons.

Much less well known than its sister site further towards Reading, ROF Burghfield is nonetheless made conspicuous by the large array of criss-crossing telegraph wire structures in and around the site. A stones throw from the M4 and only a short drive out of London, it is easily accessible by road. On one flank, the Burghfield Sports Club is clearly visible but on the whole, the site does not yield its purpose and role publicly. Anecdotally we hear from one amatuer researcher that there is an overgrown subterranean tunnel entrance one the north side, and if approached, or even knocked on, its door will be answered. If you dont fancy this, then some peace protestors also use a 'surveillance tree' to overlook the newest facilities.